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Energy efficient lighting

Energy Tech offers a full range of LED, Fluorescent & HID Lamps & Fittings.

Solar Power Solutions

Energy Tech offers turnkey products, components and solutions for both Grid tied, Hybrid and Off grid solutions.


Automotive, commercial and commercial batteries. In addition Energy Tech also offers the latest mixtech battery technology for solar power projects.

C Tek Battery Chargers

Energy Tech offers the full range of C Tek Battery chargers and accessories.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Tech offers a variety of energy monitoring products

Water Heating

Energy Tech offers the latest products and solutions in energy efficient water heating. Including solar, heat pump and insulated geezer technologies.

Water Efficiency

Energy Tech offers a variety of products enabling the optimisation and water storage capabilities.

Energytech Gadgets

Please take a look at our latest range of innovative energy efficient gadgets and accessories.


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